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Made in India with great care for the garments, themselves and the environment by friends, business partners, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

In today's volatile economic climate, I think everyone should know and care about the sources for their products and services. It's true that we need jobs in the US but it's also true that developing countries need jobs too. I've been blessed with the gift of traveling to many countries, most of them in the development stages of society. If you are taking the time to read this section, welcome and please meet my friends in India.

Key Largo Underwear is made in southern India by my friends and business partners. Meaningful work at fair wages is provided to willing workers and this makes a huge difference in their lives and the lives of their families. Throughout the manufacturing processes from growing cotton to stitching clothes, the carbon footprint is closely contained and any apparel waste is feedback into a sustainable input.

Cotton is grown in the Punjab region of India which produces some of the finest long stable fiber. The cotton continues to be picked by hand which allows for no waste in the fields, no fuel needed to power farming equipment and employs many Indians that are making a difference in the lives of their family.

Next the cotton for Key Largo Underwear is ginned which is the cleaning process and separates the seed from the fiber. All cellulosic material that isn't cotton is reprocessed and can convert to compost and eventually fuel or oils are extracted.

The cotton bales are taken to the spinning factory where the cotton is mixed, opened up and then brushed and combed to make the fibers line up. Short fibers are removed from the process and used for coarser yarns. The yarn is sent to spinning frames which mimic the process of the fairy tale princess - Sleeping Beauty's- spinning wheel. The Key Largo Underwear is now in the combed Ring Spun yarn state. Most of the material handling throughout the factory is transported by Indian workers and not fuel powered automation used in most Western factories.

The yarn is rolled to the knitted factory where it is put on creels and feed into circular knitting machines. The circular knit Key Largo Underwear fabric is dyed or bleached into the various shades offered. After drying the fabric is conditioned and processed on equipment called a compactor. This equipment preshrinks the fabric and is used to control the shrinkage of the fabric.

Now the fabric is laid out on a long table and allowed to condition over night. In the morning, the pattern pieces are carefully cut from the fabric. These cut parts are matched by ply and staged along with the remaining components such as thread, elastic, and any binding fabrics. This is called a "kit" and these Key Largo Underwear kits are sent to the sewing factory to be sewn.

The stitching operators are highly talented and closely inspect and monitor their work for perfection. Throughout the process, there are also roving inspectors that randomly review work and assist and train any operators with methods or techniques. After stitching, the Key Largo Underwear garments are carefully folded and packed into their package and prepared for the shipping carton. Again, a statistical random sample is pulled and inspected as verification that your Key Largo Underwear is ready for retail.

The completed Key Largo Underwear garments are trucked or railed to the southern port of India where they will be loaded on a vessel and travel to the eastern part of the United States.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Key Largo Underwear manufacturing process or garments, please let me know. I'm working on loading photos of the process and my friends so please check back.